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2 Gifts & A Wish: Your Guide for Gift-Giving This Holiday Season!

Ibi LagundoyeComment
2 Gifts & A Wish: Your Guide for Gift-Giving This Holiday Season!

It's almost the holidays and we here at The Next Up are excited for all the festivities that are going to take place. Between Christmas tree lighting, preparing for Channukah, getting the candles ready for Kwanzaa and all other holidays, we thought it'd be helpful to reach out to our most creative friends and see what they've got on their lists for this year, and what they'd give to their friends. Plus, I don't think they'd mind if you get a little inspiration from this guide.

For the photographers:

Justin Alvarez (@justinhalvarez):

"I'd get my friends either a Kodak printomatic camera, since it’s easy to use and is instant. Or the photo vault, which could hold up to 8,000 or more pictures. 

Personal wish list- "I would want the Kodak super 8. I have an older model of a Super 8, but I would love to try the new updated one once it releases."

Brandon Polanco (@rysstudio):

"I'd give: 2x tickets to the Whitney and dinner reservations to Sweet Chick ."

Personal wish list- Anything from Le Labo and a refill of SANTAL 33.

For the fashion/ beauty obsessed: 

Zoey Woldman (@zoeyleigh): 

"I usually don’t like to buy my friends clothing because no matter how well I know their style, I may not have the fit quite right, and I have to accept that not everyone is as obsessed with clothing as I am."

I try to force myself to think outside the box and pick something a little more fun, more creative. A good rule of thumb is to pick something that has a universal size, or isn’t worn at all. That way, you don’t have to worry about fit.

"This Lumee case is a super easy gift for a friend! A phone case can be used every single day, and it doesn’t hurt that the marbling on this one is really cute! She’ll have amazing protection for her phone, and the perfect setup for some bomb ass selfies that I’m definitely going to jump into."

"In case you haven’t noticed, neon signs are making a cool comeback, but let’s be honest, no one wants to spend money on wall art. So, make it easy on your friends this year, and gift it to them. This one is especially fun because of the pretty contrasting colors."

Personal wish list- "Just like I don’t want to gift my friends clothing, I don’t want them to give it to me. I’m a picky shopper, and I know at times, I can be hard to please. But, one thing is for sure. I love lipstick. This Sephora Faves kit samples the best nudes in the perfect sizes. Yes, I know I already have two of them, but is there really such thing as having too much lipstick? I think not. Every season, Sephora comes out with a new edition. I don’t have this one yet. *wink wink*"

Justine Thompson (@jussy.baby)

All-around cool girl and singer extraordinare, Justine aka Jussy, has Mario Badescu products on her gift list to friends. Peace of mind and space is essential in creating a productive work environment, so why not get the homebody or workaholic in your life a diffuser for essential oils. Breathe in lavendar, breathe out tranquility. 

Personal wish list- A record player for all the vinyls she's been collecting or just plug in the aux to get it on and poppin. The perfect gift for the music lover or collector in your life.

For the art/ design lover:

Telsha Anderson (@telshaanderson):

Cameras are always a great gift, so why not go funky and colorful and get someone color negative film. Or is there a newly minted 21-year old you know? A fancy wine drinking companion? Then these glasses from CB2 will 100% be the best gift of the year.

Personal wish list- Jewelry is always a great gift because you can either dress up or just look all-around fly with some statement pieces. On Telsha's list are these beautiful earrings from Jennifer Fisher- talk about bling bling.

Noahamin Taye (@noahamin): 

Reading is fundamental kids, and what better way to show someone you care than giving them a good read. Our girl Noahamin would give either "the Gucci Mane autobiography or some other cool autobiographical work."

Museum tickets should be a popular item (our boy Brandon was onto something), and if you're in the ATL anytime soon, check out the exhibit at the High Museum of Art called "Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design". Hurry though, the exhibition closes in early January.

Personal wish list- iPad with a stylus pen. If you know anything about Noahamin, it's that girl can draw, for real. Her sketches are super dope, and if you have any friends or family who draw, what's a better gift than giving them a new medium to experiment with. Apple is always on the forefront of design and this gift is perfect for the creative soul.

For the organizer: 

Gabi Veira (@gabbbss_v)

Obviously, we had to ask our design and managing director for her input and she didn't disappoint. First off, a passion planner.

"My mom gave it to me before, and it really helps you take the time to sit down and start planning out some of your goals and objectives. Especially, for creative people who are unable to organize all of their thoughts because they just have so many ideas. It's relaxing to just write them all out and then work on how you are going to achieve that goal from there."

Second, any work of art from Nicholle Kobi.

"I absolutely love her work and, if I had the funds, I would buy some for my friends. It's great to just have artwork up of young black women working and creating--I think it's so inspirational and even makes you want to be creative and work harder yourself."

Personal wish list- A steamer. Okay..doesn't exactly have anything to do with being creative, I suppose, BUT I'm still trying to get my curls to be as healthy and long as they can be. They've come a very long way already and I'm so excited and I'd love to give them more life. I guess it could be creative in a sense that I want to try new creative and fun things with my curls so...hopefully I can get one :) 

We hope this guide was helpful, and happy gift shopping! 


Your friends at The Next Up xx



New Kodak Super 8

New Kodak Super 8