'Goal Digger' Vol.3: Zoey Leigh W.

'Goal Digger' Vol.3: Zoey Leigh W.

Welcome to the final installation of the June 'Goal Diggers' series. We've met some pretty amazing women so far (shoutout to Fanta and Telsha). We close out this month with a pretty cool girl who's got an even cooler job (all my fashion friends pay close attention). 


I first met Zoey in WRT 255 back in my sophomore year. I didn't really know much about her (obviously we had just started class together), but what I could tell was that she had a great sense of style. A combination of the on trend with personal flairs. We then had class again the following year in WRT 303, and I think that's where our friendship began; it's rare to meet other people who geek out about fashion the same way you do. And that brings us to her amazing ~fashion~ job. Also, did we forget to mention she's in Italy right now?!


TNU: Who are you? Hometown?

ZLW: Zoey Leigh Woldman born in LA, raised in North Carolina

TNU: What do you do?

ZLW: Monday-Friday, I am the Junior Account Executive for all wholesale womenswear accounts at Marni. On the weekends, I am a self-proclaimed fashionista, attempting to share my style with the world (or just whoever is interested lol).

TNU: How did you get into this? (why do you do what you do)

ZLW: I've always been super interested in fashion, but it actually started because I wanted to model when I was younger. Since I’m only 5’7,” the modeling world was one that I was never going to fit into, but because I loved the industry so much, I became determined to make it in one way or another. Since I always had a knack for putting together outfits and styling my friends, and my mom at a young age, I knew that styling was the direction I was headed. As cliché as it sounds, there are nights that I can’t fall asleep because I don’t have my outfit picked out for the next day. It comes so naturally to me, and I genuinely enjoy it so much, that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

TNU: How do you balance your day job with your personal projects?

ZLW: Having a full-time job is no joke, especially when it’s your only source of income paying your rent and affording your groceries, but you have to stay motivated. Luckily, for me, I am working in the industry that I want to be in. I might not be positioned in my dream job quite yet, but being around other people that love clothing just as much as I do definitely feeds me with endless amounts of inspiration. I find that Manhattan is filled chalk full with art and creativity, and with just a little bit of translation, can help mold any craft. This inspiration somehow fuels me to keep going even when I’m tired from work. I must say though, it is much easier to dedicate the necessary time to my blog on the weekends. Sometimes you just have to grind during the week and be a weekend warrior.  

TNU: Do you ever take any influences from your job and use them for your personal creativity?

ZLW: Damn, I probably should have read all of the questions before answering…I never was any good at reading comprehension tests.

TNU: Where do you see yourself going?

ZLW: I’ve always seen myself doing big things. It has never been a question in my mind that I am going to be somebody, maybe it’s because I am terrified of failure, or because I refuse to give up until I get what I want. Thank God for "only child syndrome" teaching me how to finesse to get what I want. I don’t reallllly want to tell you exactly where I see myself though. I think that might jinx everything.

TNU: Any inspirations? Advice?

ZLW: Literally, everything inspires me. I think it’s important to pay attention to detail. When you can do that, you instantly find inspiration in places that you would have never even looked before. My advice would be to keep reminding yourself that you can do it. I often find myself getting down thinking about all of the people that are better than me and much more skilled than I, but you can’t let that get in the way of your craft and your happiness. The second you do, your art becomes lost, and your chances of success dwindle.

TNU: Personal theme song

ZLW: Glamorous by Fergie as decided by my best friend

TNU: Anything you want to tell the people out there

ZLW: I think that it is super important to stay true to yourself. There are endless numbers of fads and people that are trying to change you, but to me, it’s way more impactful if you are able to stay completely you and still thrive in such a cut-throat environment. Honestly, it means that you are one strong girlie. Do you boo, do you.

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